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Always Ready to Help Your Child!


It might be difficult to select the finest preschool for your child when you have few resources available. Well, we’ve taken care of that worry for you since Arc En Ciel is undoubtedly the preschool in New York City, New York, your child can rely on because we’re always willing to assist!

One of the reasons you may feel secure and at ease knowing that your child is in good and capable hands with us is that we are always ready to help them. Our facility guarantees that your child will learn to appreciate the art of learning in a safe and supportive setting. The sweetest gift you could ever offer to your child would be our child care in the Upper East Side.

We value each student’s individuality and heritage as we welcome students from all ethnicities and origins. We are a bilingual preschool and our French and English-speaking professionals inspire and mentor our students to develop their independence and potential.

Every year, we come together for one week of professional development to review the curriculum, enhance it, and tailor it to the children who will be starting that academic year to ensure that our preschool programs are always of the greatest caliber. Our faculty members are quite diversified, have extensive classroom experience, and have excellent patience with the kids.

Rest assured that we are always ready to help your child whenever they need us. So if you want to enroll your child with a dependable French preschool, then we are the place you should go! Contact us today.

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