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Are you Shaming Your Child Unintentionally?


The way we speak to kids affects how they hear themselves. Their memories of our remarks and how we treated them will have a lasting, positive, or negative effect on who they are.

All our preschoolers are treated with respect and care at our French bilingual preschool to help them develop into resilient, self-assured people in the future.

As a trustworthy child care in the Upper East Side, we advise parents to watch what they say and do to their kids in order to save them from experiencing “toxic shame.”

Here are a few situations where you might unintentionally shame your kids.

  • You forbid your child from performing tasks on their own.
    Early childhood development specialist claims that kids reach a point where they desire to practice their talents on their own. By rejecting their decisions because they don’t align with your values or because you fear they will disrupt your routine, you might unintentionally humiliate your child.
  • Preventing your child from crying.
    When was the last time someone urged you not to cry under a difficult circumstance? It would not feel good for your children if it didn’t feel good for you. In a way, advising children to hold back their tears is like telling them their emotions are silly and unimportant.

We allow our kids to experience life at our bilingual preschool spontaneously and in tune with their inner selves. We let them be kids, and at the same time, they learn. In our school, we value fun and learning. We believe that having a good rapport with their classmates will lead to better relationships in the future.

Get in touch with Arc En Ciel, our preschool in New York City, New York for more information about our programs.

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