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Benefits of Learning a Second Language for Preschoolers


Witnessing your toddler confidently and eloquently express themselves is something to be proud about. What would be more stunning is seeing them speak two languages at the same time!

Allowing your little one to learn another language at an early age brings about a variety of benefits that can last them until adulthood. A great way to get them started is to enroll them in a Bilingual Preschool.

Bilingual Classes offered by a licensed bilingual Preschool in New York City, New York can improve your child’s chances of language acquisition in not just one language, but two.

The following are several reasons why learning a second language would be good for your little one:

  • Improve academic performance

In studies conducted on young children’s academic performance it was found that bilingual kids performed much better than their peers who did not know a second language. This included areas of reading, writing, and arithmetic.

  • Boosts critical thinking and creativity

Studying a second language has been proven to improve a child’s problem-solving, listening, and critical thinking abilities. They also exhibit an increased level of creative thinking and mental flexibility.

  • Introduce children to other cultures

Bilingual schools can open your youngsters’ mind to an entirely bigger world than they are used to. This increases their knowledge of other cultures and helps them connect better with their peers and adult caretakers.

Finding a reliable Child Care partner in the Upper East Side can be tough. Which is why we make our services as available and accessible to parents as possible.

Here at Arc En Ciel, we ensure that your child will get the best early education he deserves. Call us today to start the enrollment process.

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