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Common Misconceptions About Bilingual Children


According to statistics, more and more children are becoming more linguistically diverse and most of them are attending a Bilingual Preschool. There are a lot of researches confirmed the many benefits of bilingualism and how it can have a powerful effect on enhancing the cognitive function of a child.

However, it is unavoidable that many misconceptions will rise about bilingual children and listed below are some:

  • Myth: Exposing kids to multiple languages may compromise their speech development.
  • Truth: A bilingual toddler may tend to speak in English while at the same time mixing words from another language. But this doesn’t mean this can cause a delay in their speech development.
  • Myth: It will just confuse your child when he or she learns two languages at the same time.
  • Truth: There will be instances where your child might mix up some grammar rules but this is not because they are confused. This is simply a normal part of bilingual language development. That is why it’s important to enroll them in a Preschool in New York City, New York so they can be guided and supported when learning their second language.

If you are looking for a reliable preschool or Child Care in the Upper East Side, then you have come to the right place.

Arc En Ciel is a Daycare Center and French bilingual preschool that welcomes students from all cultures and backgrounds and always value their identity and heritage. If you wish to know more about our learning center, contact us today.

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