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Experiencing Culture through a Second Language

We now live in a connected world where cultures are freely explored and celebrated by many. While there are many ways to experience a new culture, nothing can compare to experiencing it through learning a second language. Here are some of the examples of how learning another language lets you “live” in the culture itself.
  • A History Lesson in Every Word A student gets to understand the definition of the word and its origin in the language. Some of the histories provide a narrative of previous times as well as popular folklore, myths, and other tales.
  • Sounds That Make You Hear and Feel The sounds, expressions, and nuances in every language exist to add more to the conversation. As the student understands these different expressions, they get an understanding of how other cultures express themselves whether it is through their intonation or signs and facial expressions.
  • Communication in a Different Perspective Languages have developed based on the people’s perspectives or how they see the world and communicate about it. Learning a second one gifts a student with the opportunity to converse from a different perspective and relate to others who are from different parts of the world.
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