My name is Fatemeh Modarres. I was born and raised in Tehran/Iran where a love of learning and the passion for teaching and inspiring others was developed in me. Several factors have contributed to my personal and professional growth throughout my life. My family, teachers, and Iranian rich culture, including its philosophy, language, poetry, history, etc., along with that of other non-Persian cultures played a huge role in my personal development.

I usually unwind after working hours by walking in the streets or parks, going to the gym, art galleries, and museums, preparing and eating a nice meal, listening to music, and watching the news and other informative programs on PBS. These activities promote my emotional and cognitive well-being. They also have a positive impact on my teaching practices.

I have been a New York state certified Early Childhood teacher for a long time. I have been teaching young children since the late ‘80s in New York City. I have a lot of experience working in a very diverse preschool setting both in private and federally-funded preschool programs. In my years of teaching, I have implemented a variety of teaching methods and philosophies.

In terms of building a curriculum, I design and implement different activities that can stimulate the children’s natural curiosity in all areas of learning based on age-appropriate and developmentally-appropriate practices in Early Childhood Education. I believe that the most important factor to consider in curriculum designing is providing children with different ways to learn a single topic.

This could be done through various activities including writing, reading, storytelling, role playing, diagramming, postering, singing, moving, cooking, etc. It is also important to web the curriculum with science, math, music, and physical education. I also discuss current events and happenings at home, in school, or anywhere else. The curriculum I develop includes all children and excludes no one. It considers the whole child and not just a few aspects or parts of the child. With regard to making efforts to learn about the children, their families and the ways the children learn best is crucial. This is an individual and team effort to provide a respectful, safe, fair, fun, supportive, and stimulating environment for all children under my care. I believe if I stimulate and create a long-time passion in children for learning new ideas, I have achieved my ultimate goal as a teacher. I have been enjoying my work as an English teacher at Arc En Ciel since March 2019.