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How Another Language Improves Academic Score


Learning a second language can have multiple benefits but did you also realize how it can help the child in their academic performance?

English and other subjects may be part of an academic curriculum but there is more to these languages than just being subject areas. A second language lays the skills and values important for a student to achieve an excellent academic score.

Learning another language involves our cognitive skills. The child has to absorb new words and be able to recall what those were. They must also be able to understand the meaning behind the words and produce coherent sentences. As the child’s cognitive skills are sharpened, the same skills are also applicable in the sciences, math, and other subjects.

As the child continues to learn and practice the second language, they build the vocabulary to be able to effectively communicate. At the same time, they are practicing the discipline to learn faster and be able to adapt. Their perspectives are challenged – another language means a different set of nuances and expressions.

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