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How to Encourage a Positive Learning at Home


Even when there is no school, learning continues. A child’s temperament, uniqueness, and talent are strongly influenced by their family, according to studies on early childhood education. But with school slowly coming back on site, this does not mean that learning stops at home.

There are various ways to encourage learning and exploration in your house for your kids. Here are some ideas from our preschool in New York City, New York.

  • Continue reading forever.
    Reading to your children has several advantages, as any weekend child care in the Upper East Side can tell you. It is a fantastic chance for connecting. Additionally, it can foster their imagination and aid in the development of their vocabulary and communication abilities.
  • Make each day a teaching opportunity.
    Doing is how kids learn best. Make them more involved as a result. Allow children to assist you in the kitchen, respond to their inquiries, and let them attempt things on their own. By allowing your kids to try things, they get a taste of life outside of the preschool setting.
  • Reduce their use of technology.
    While there are advantages to technology, having too much of it is not a good thing. Our after-hours childcare suggests minimizing your kids’ screen use and encouraging them to spend more time on board games and creative projects.
  • Take on tasks jointly.
    Based on your children’s interests, develop projects. Permit them to paint and draw if they enjoy the art. Encourage them to write and act in their own play if they enjoy acting. Participate in the fun, too!

Arc En Ciel, Inc. urges you to assist your kids in continuing their education at home. To learn more about our bilingual preschool, get in touch with us.

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