Bonjour, Hello! I’m Katherine, one of the new members joining the Arc En Ciel team this year. My role is to assist the teachers and children in the Violet Room. 

I was raised in Queens, NY and speak Spanish thanks to my Colombian parents who made it a priority for me to grow up bilingual and with both cultures. I started learning French while studying at NYU, where I graduated with a major in Biology and minor in French. 

My childcare experience started with my two younger brothers as well as my niece and nephew. It continued with babysitting throughout college and then becoming a fille au pair for two families in France post-grad.  I was also fortunate enough to work with a lot of different French-speaking families through the agency, Curated Care. I was one of their bilingual Kid Experts and organized activities focusing on scientific discovery and crafts.  I am also an after-school assistant teacher for the French preschoolers at Bilingual Nest. 

As someone who was raised bilingual, I understand the importance of learning through music, repetition, and stories. I always try to engage children in what they are doing through language. My goals are to make sure the children are happy, gain a love for learning, become independent and feel confident speaking both languages.
I am planning on obtaining a master’s degree in early childhood education in the near future.