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Keeping in Touch with Our Child’s Preschool Teacher


For our children’s welfare, we are willing to do anything to provide them with the best of everything as much as possible. Among the things that we give utmost importance is our child’s first steps in his/her studies which are in preschool. As loving and concerned parents, we see to it that our children have the best preschool education that he/she can possibly have like what is being provided at child care in the Upper East Side. One good way to do this is to keep good communication with our child’s preschool teacher. When we establish and keep good communication with him/her, it can minimize many of our parental concerns. Here are some of the ways to do it:

  • Get to know our child’s teacher

    Among the factors when choosing a preschool include general curriculum, overall philosophy, cost, safety, cleanliness, and the location of the school. But one of the important things we should do is to try to meet the preschool teacher before making our selection from preschool programs. We can arrange to meet in the classroom and observe how the teacher interacts with the children. We can focus our attention on how the teacher handles the class and the children’s responses to his/her directions as well. If children are happy and show good interaction with the teacher, then most likely, the teacher is also good for our children. We can talk and ask questions to him/her.

  • Attend parent-teacher conferences

    Meetings within the year to talk about the children’s developmental and behavioral progress are arranged by some schools including bilingual preschool. This kind of parent-teacher conference is our chance to listen and communicate openly. If our kid’s teacher has a formal report for this meeting, let him/her finish the report first before asking our questions.

  • Talk about problems

    In early childhood education, when issues occur like biting or fighting with other kids occur, the best thing to do is for us parents and the teacher to discuss the problem together. If our kid shows serious problems with behavior, we should talk with our physician about it, who will work with our kid and may recommend us to a psychologist. If our kid has some complaints about the teacher, we should know the particulars first. Some kids complain about not being given time out or not being assigned famous class tasks such as a line leader. In this case, it will be better for us to provide support to the teacher and explain to our kids the importance of following instructions or taking turns.

At Arc En Ciel, we give your child’s education a premium priority and we are more than happy to hear from you in the interest of your child. Feel free to contact us about our Preschool in New York City, New York.

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