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Magic Words Every Child Must Be Taught


It is important to keep in mind that the things that are imparted to young children help shape their personality, and that the parents are the ones who have the main responsibility of ensuring most of their children’s learning. They must keep in mind that they are their little one’s first teachers and their home is their first classroom. Although they can rely on a preschool in New York City, New York for assistance, they still need to get involved in their child’s development as much as possible: At a young age, children must be taught significant lessons and practices. They need to have learnings that they can use in life, as they grow up.

Teaching valuable lessons to children is crucial, especially when it comes to child care in the Upper East Side and other parts of the world. Because they are still young, it is easier for children to get accustomed to the things that are taught to them. Adults must make the most out of this as much as possible. Aside from teaching them important practices, they must also be taught polite phrases. Ideally, children must be taught to express themselves without disrespecting others.

Here are some phrases that you should teach your child:

  1. “Please.”

    Let them ask for assistance properly.

  2. “Excuse me.”

    Teach them to excuse themselves whenever necessary.

  3. “Thank you.”

    These two powerful words show gratitude and appreciation.

  4. “You’re welcome.”

    Let them express sincerity after sharing with others.

  5. “I’m sorry.”

    Make them practice saying words of apology, especially if they have hurt another child from daycare.

Make sure to teach these magic words to your little one, especially if he/she is still learning to talk.

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