Vanessa Handal-Ghenania


As a native French speaker, who has lived and traveled around the world, I arrived in New York, the place I consider “home”, over 17 years ago. I have been a school educator for over 11 years… Read More


Melody Leger

Bilingual Operations Manager

I was born and grew up in France. With a French mother and a Malagasy and Martiniquais father, growing up with different cultures made me want to discover the world and travel… Read More


Nassima Khelifi

French Teacher – Violet Room

My first teaching experience was at a Junior High School, where I was in charge of administering national exams and suggesting new teaching methods that increased students’ test scores… Read More


Katherine Jimenez

French Assistant Teacher – Violet Room

Bonjour, Hello! I’m Katherine, one of the new members joining the Arc En Ciel team this year. My role is to assist the teachers and children in the Violet Room… Read More


Daniela Ocana

English Teacher – Green Room

Hello! My name is Daniela. I was born in Ecuador where I spent my childhood and learned how to speak Spanish fluently. When I was 8 years old my parents and I moved to… Read More


Matthieu Eveillard

French Teacher – Green classroom

Hello ! My name is Matthieu. I am a Native French speaker, born and raised in Brittany, France.

After completing my Master’s Degrees from University, I started my career working… Read More


Marilyn Dikkers

Bilingual Teacher – Enrichment program

As a native-born American and lifelong French resident and citizen, as a mother and grandmother of tri-national offspring, and as an educator… Read More


Rudolph Vernaz-Colas

Music Teacher

I reside in NYC via Paris and London and currently work as a composer for film and theater, a live musician and a private guitar teacher. My musical influences range from …Read More