Introduction of our Programs

Arc En Ciel is a bilingual Preschool in New York City, New York that welcomes students two to five years old. Each year, we adapt our teaching according to the group of students, their ages, and needs. We provide bilingual classes that are inspired by the French national curriculum as well as the New York State standards.

Our classes are divided by age group and ability: Toute Petite Section/Petite Section (2-3 years old); and Petite Section/Moyenne Section (3-4 years old). Our first two weeks are used to get to know the children and to assess their learning. We have a teacher/student ratio between 4/1 and up to a maximum of 10/1 for the older groups.

Our teaching staff is very diverse, has great experience in the classroom, and is very nurturing towards the students.

Every year we meet for one week of professional development to revisit the curriculum, improve it, and adapt it to the group of children entering that academic year.

Our French and English speaking staff motivates and guides our children in becoming independent, confident, caring, in a bilingual setting. Our curriculum focuses in depth on bilingualism and the development of a second language. Our vocabulary-rich curriculum helps our children develop vocabulary in a stress-free environment.

While building a second language our children are eager to communicate and apply what they have learned in class into their everyday lives and routine.

At Arc En Ciel, we make learning FUN! Our children’s well-being, happiness,
academic and language development are at the foundation of our learning model.

Teaching Philosophy

At Arc En Ciel, our children, Toddlers and Preschoolers learn and play in the classroom at different learning centers. They build vocabulary by playing and interacting with each other. We have several centers: kitchen, puzzles, workbench with tools, cars and trucks, blocks/Lego’s for all ages, library, dolls and figures. All our activities are done at a level that is appropriate to the child’s developmental stage.

At Arc En Ciel, learning takes place in various ways: reading, singing, and drawing. We value all our children’s “Multiple Intelligences” and help them learn in the best environment suitable for them. Learning is individualized according to each child’s need.

At Arc En Ciel, we differentiate our instruction according to our students’ multiple needs. We understand that each and every child is unique and learns differently at his/her own pace. We meet on a regular basis to discuss each child’s progress and to set in motion any reinforcement or special services needed for the child when needed. We believe that each child can succeed academically and to the best of his/her abilities, when given the right tools. We put all efforts forward so that all our students may reach their full potential in a bilingual setting.

At Arc En Ciel, we teach through Positive Reinforcement. We continuously encourage and applaud our children for all their achievements. Our children are taught to problem solve by themselves in order to become more independent. Finally, our teachers serve as role models by continuously showing appropriate behavior amongst themselves.

At Arc En Ciel, we focus on community building. We teach our children how to share and how to ask for things politely. We learn how to get to know each other by knowing about things each child likes and likes to do. We learn about our differences and learn to value and respect them.