Hello! My name is Samira. Who am I? I am an ambitious, curious, respectful, empathic, generous, sociable, and hard-working person. I am fluent in four languages: Yoruba, French, Goun, and English. I love to cook, dance, travel, and take photos of the things I like. My story begins just as any other African immigrant’s story begins. I moved to the United States from West Africa in 2011 with my four siblings in the hopes of pursuing further education and a better life. The fact that I already spoke multiple languages, particularly French, made it easier for me to learn English. Being a fast learner, I graduated within three years instead of the normal four with a major in Biology. Upon graduation, I decided to choose a career that was based on humanitarian principles. This is when I decided to pursue a degree in psychology.

I then discovered a passion for early childhood education. I love working with children and have 5 years of experience working as a babysitter and a childcare worker. I enjoy working with children because it proves to me that life can be different if we want it to be and they represent hope and future.
Finally, I am currently pursuing a master’s degree at Hunter College.  I also teach French on the weekends to 6-17-year-olds and work for the French Heritage Language program.
It is with great joy that I join the team at Arc En Ciel and I cannot wait to get to know your children better and to get to know you, parents, as well!