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Separation Anxiety Among Kids: Ways to Combat It


The first day of preschool in New York City, New York may be one of the most exciting milestones. However, it can be quite daunting for children, especially if they are used to their parents being around, which may cause separation anxiety.

Separation anxiety among children is common. It is the stress and fears that a child feels when they separate from their parent or guardian. But common it may be, it can be managed and combatted according to a provider of child care in the Upper East Side.

Learn how below:

  • Be Consistent.

    Consistency is key to combatting separation anxiety. Be consistent with your child, especially when it comes to picking them up after school or after bilingual classes. Doing so builds their trust and gives them the assurance and peace of mind they need to alleviate separation anxiety.

  • Create a Good-Bye Ritual.

    A fun goodbye ritual, such as a cool handshake or a warm hug before you leave makes the parting easier for your child. This small yet meaningful act of love also facilitates and fosters positivity as they go to school.

  • Let Them Bring Their “Comfort Object.”

    A comfort object such as their favorite toy can remind them of home, which assures them. This can also help alleviate the stress and tension that usually comes with separation.

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Our staff and teachers are also experts in childhood education and handling situations such as separation anxiety among children.

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