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Start Them Young: Let Your Kids Understand Emotions


Children can be hard to tame calm down if tantrums start to kick in. Kids will Adults may have a hard time understanding what they feel; since they still children don’t know how to express themselves. As child care service, we will always try to help the children finding a nice way to express their feelings though they cannot talk, in order to calm down and relate to their own feelings, better: can relate that children can be uncontrollable at times. However, as their parents and guardians- we should not let our guards down. We should not let them win all the time. As consenting adults, we should know how to control them. Here are some tips for you- to teach your kid when they face extreme feelings. Teach them to:

  • Think of happy thoughts
  • Count 1-10 before reacting
  • Take deep breathes
  • Hug a stuffed toy
  • Draw what you feel

Learning how to behave starts at At home, Parents can teach kids how to manage their emotions as well. In this regard, We should acknowledge their emotional cup, and while most of them are full- it can overflow too. Thus, our preschool in New York City, New York, can be of significant help. We can be the outlet for your child to practice his social skills in a friendly and appropriate fashion, good behavior and develop more.

You can partner with our child care in Upper East Side for their exposure and training. Early childhood education caters to every child’s unique personality and skills, including controlling feelings and emotions. Here, your child can interact with other kids- we can help them develop both intra- and interpersonal relationships.

Come and visit Arc En Ciel today. We are a bilingual preschool that can offer a lot of potential development and nurture to your child. Discover the fun and educational facilities we have for your little ones. For more information, please feel free to contact us!

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