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Success in Teaching French to Young Learners


The amount and manner in which the kid is exposed to and uses the second language are one of the factors for success in second language learning. Here at Arc En Ciel, a Preschool in New York City, New York, we are known for our success in teaching young learners the French language. 

According to studies, both the quantity and quality of exposure to the target language are significant for language development. Our Child Care in the Upper East Side is surrounded by educators and staff who are bilingual speakers as well. 

Supporting our children’s learning and development requires a supportive atmosphere as well as an understanding of dual language development. In that manner, we can set realistic goals for each child’s development. The Early Childhood Education center you choose also matters. 

Early production is often referred to as the emerging period. This stage begins with students speaking in short phrases and utilizing the vocabulary in the French language. The programs in our Bilingual Preschool are a great help. 

The focus of our French Bilingual Preschool remains on allowing children to hear and learn the new language. Students begin to realize that languages have rules and structures. This stage begins in preschool or kindergarten for the majority of our learners.

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