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Teaching Your Kids to Love Reading to Love Reading


A lifelong love for reading is one of the most wonderful gifts parents can give their kids. Kids must develop the ability to read critically from a young age at home and preschool in New York City, New York. At Arc En Ciel, we believe parents play a crucial role in expanding their kid’s vocabulary and teaching other reading-related skills.

Making a habit out of reading bedtime stories to kids is a great way to encourage a healthy reading habit. Parents can start by reading stories aloud. Then, as their kids learn to read, they can begin reading children’s stories together. Pretty soon, their kids will start reading stories independently while still in Pre-K.

As a bilingual preschool, we encourage kids to read and write in English and French. Communicating effectively in a second language is a significant benefit in school and at the workplace later on in life. Parents can help by conversing and reading stories with their kids in two languages instead of just one to augment their learning in our bilingual classes.

Of course, some children may not enjoy reading as much as others. That is why we give plenty of opportunities for kids to discover the things that interest them while attending preschool and child care in the Upper East Side with us. Call us at 212-410-0180 today to learn more about our services.

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