Annabelle A – Mother of Petite/Moyenne Section Student (Green Classroom)
“Our son is attending Arc En Ciel for the second year and we’re so grateful to be part of that program and community. The atmosphere at Arc En Ciel is very warm and family thanks to all the people; the director, the teachers and the staff who pay close attention to the children and their well being. At the same time, the bilingual education that the kids receive is excellent. We are strongly recommending that pre-school!”
Camille W – Father of Toute Petite/Petite Section Student (Violet Classroom)
“Our son has been at Arc En Ciel since he turned two, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the school. The teachers are attentive and nurturing, serving as both educators and caregivers to the children. Children are exposed to a wide variety of related concepts and objects through thoughtful and well-designed activities. While our son’s dominant language is English, after just three months at school, his French improved dramatically. He likes to talk about his teachers and his friends, which tells us he is very happy at school. Another benefit of enrolling our son here is the opportunity to meet diverse, like-minded parents. The school administration is very involved in the children’s education, and knows the children and parents very well. Arc En Ciel is a real school, not a daycare, and it has been an excellent choice for us.”
Wendy-A Mother of Toute Petite/Petite Section Student (Violet Classroom)
“Arc En Ciel is a wonderful bilingual preschool where my international family has had a great experience there. The director, teachers and staff are warm, loving and they care about their students’ and families’ well being. It is a multinational community and we love it !We feel reassured to leave our toddler in a safe, loving and friendly environment where learning through play is a priority and every child is treated in a loving respectful way. My toddler has learned so much socially and academically in just 2 months. His vocabulary has extended in a few weeks. Also He’s discovering arts, music, dancing, painting and yoga. They do cute little art projects with him that they send home. We are a trilingual family and we are very happy with our preschool decision and highly recommended this preschool to all families.”