As a native French speaker, who has lived and traveled around the world, I arrived in New York, the place I consider “home”, over 17 years ago. I have been a school educator for over 11 years. I hold two masters’ degrees from Teachers College, Columbia University (one in Bilingual Education, the other, from the Principal Academy, in School Building Administration.) I have worked and taught curriculum in French in private and public institutions (LFNY, PS58). I have worked on the administration side as a curriculum advisor and developer, in New York City (NYFACS). I am currently a Consultant and Teacher Supervisor in the bilingual department, at Teachers College, Columbia University and at City College.

After the birth of my twin sons, and soon after the birth of my third son, I developed the daycare project, four years ago, Petits Poussins (West Harlem). My project was quickly embraced in the community and now, I am the owner of three Daycares/Preschools located in West Harlem/Upper West Side (Petits Poussins Daycare, Petits Poussins Too, and Bilingual Nest). These schools, including Arc En Ciel, have attracted Francophone and Anglophone students from over 10 different countries. Our newest school, Bilingual Nest offers two programs: French/English and Spanish/English and has be attracting international families from all over the world!

As a parent, who comes from a French educational background and who has traveled the world, I have always realized the importance of immerging my children in a bilingual and multicultural environment. My children therefore inspired me to develop top quality programs for them and for parents with the same vision in mind.

Finally, Arc En Ciel, my first preschool, has always held a special place in my heart. At Arc En Ciel, families from all over the world come to this unique school with the one thing that brings them together: language. At Arc En Ciel, every year, my team of teachers looks forward to bringing its love for education, its passion for the arts and its knowledge of languages to all our students. To them, teaching is about experiences they bring to the classroom as well as the love and care they bring to the children. Arc En Ciel is a small, unique school, that is children and community centered. Every year is a new adventure for us and every year we thrive to make your child’s experience a unique and memorable one. I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you and to spend a wonderful time all together. Welcome to Arc En Ciel!